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   Welcome to Christian Xtreme Metal, the site that dedicates itself to  serve christian  metalheads. Bringing news, reviews of albums, interviews to bands, and also a lot of stuff.
We want to keep this site 100% christian and bold for the Lord. Just because the scene deserves it, I make Christian Xtreme Metal come true, and also God deserves all the credits of this because without Him we are nothing.
 Blessing and Stay Metal.




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     Lo - Ruhamah                   "S/T "                       
     Firethrone                        "Day of Darkness and Blackness "                       
     Bloodwork                         "Insufficient Flesh "                       
     Soterion                             "Cult of Lies "                       
     Phanerosis                       "Ocaso De Soledad"                       
     Seven Angels                    "Faceless Man"                       
     Antestor                            "Det Tapte Liv"                       
     Extol                                   "Paralysis EP"                       
     Serenade In Darkness    "S/T EP "                       


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  Son Of  Man Records [Unblack Metal Label]
  Cured Leper [Death Metal from Germany]
  Flamma Ignis [Extreme Metal from Spain]
  Azmaveth [Atmospheric Black/Death Metal from Puerto Rico]
  Gorification [symphonic Black/ death metal from U.S.A]
  Nehyam [Black Metal from Bolivia]
  Tortured Conscience [Death Metal from U.S.A]
  Raza Fuerte [Heavy Metal from Argentina]

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