• My name: Metalerosal.
  • My favorites bands: Crimson Moonlight, Antestor,Sorrowstorm,Kekal, and all those bands that leave your head spinning.
  • Beliefs: I believe in God and the bible as his Holy Word.
  • Hobbies:Metal!

I'm a 19 years old guy, fan of the metal specially in the Christian Scene, I started this site because I want the metallers to know the Christian Metal, Which contains the holy word of God in it,There are a bunch of bands in the Christian Metal Scenes that even sounds better than secular. The reason is because we have to do everything special to God, Since I've been 17 I have love the metal, I think the metal is a kind of art, expressed with guitar solos,drumming, vocals,etc. All those bands that have that art sometimes use it in a good way, sometimes just use it to worship the goat lord (satan). But the music was given by God and the men blew it with their satanics stuff in it. If you are Christian and metalhead God is blessing your life now, If you are not Christian but you've been listening to Christian Metal and you Think you can handle your life in the hands of God. Repeat after me: God, I recognize that you died in a cross for me, having a very harsh death, even your flesh was ripped, I recognize that you carry all my sin in the cross of Calvary, Now I accept you as my savior and Lord of My life. Amen.


  • My name: Deathkirox.
  • My favorites bands: Extol, Antestor, Parakletos, Slechvalk, Sympathy, Encryptor, Orthros, Crimson Moonlight, Doulos, Benevolence, Crimson Thorn, Clemency and others.
  • Beliefs: I believe in God and the bible as his Holy Word.
  • Hobbies: Play guitar, Video Games, Music (compose, listen).
  • I'm a 18 years old guy, I believe in God and in His Power and the wisdom that he gave us through metal music for the anihiltation of the kingdom of darkness and extension of the message of true and love. I love God,I love metal music,I love the ministry and indeed these are really important, but the most important thing is to conquer the Kingdom of the God. The kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in Power. Bless for all...Deathkirox...


  • My name: Serpent Grinder.
  • My favorites bands: Unblack (Eulogium, Arch of Thorns, Hortor, Rising Hour, Abdijah, Firethrone, Evroklidon, Wrathful Plague, Horde) Death/Grind/Gore (Vomitorial Corpulence, Crimson Thorn, Grave Defier, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Encryptor, 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste) Power ( Eterna, Balance of Power, Dynasty, Jacobs Dream, Pacto De Sangre, Calvaleiros Consagrados) Trash (Saluctary, Hope, Devastation).
  • Projects: Majisterium (Death/Grind), Putrid Rotten Sin Impaler (Goregrind)
  • Hobbies: Bible, Friends, Christ, Catholicism, Girlfriend, History, Christian metal, eating.
  • Jesus Christ is the Holy Lord of Lord who died for us and rose again and defeated Sin. Only through him can we get salvation and forgiveness of our sins. Christian metal is not evil and its a good evangilitic method which had helped the faiths of others and myself find Christ. I am Proud to be a Roman Catholic and I am proud to be a promoter of Christian metal. Statement: "Glorifing Christ while gorifing Satan"- Grave Defier. "And from the seed of the woman he will GRIND the Serpents head" -Gen.3:15


  • My name: Darklukcius.
  • My favorites bands: Yngwie Malmsteen,Vaakevandring, Tourniquet, The Crucified, Rob rock, Mortification, Metanoia, living sacrifice, inmourtal souls, indwelling, impellitteri, Horde, Antestor,Antidemon, Cerimonial Sacred, Crimson thorn, Deliverance, Divine Symphony, Encryptor, Holy blood, Noiz,logos, Boanerges.
  • Beliefs: Although I am going to a baptist church, I'm not from any religion, my religion is Christ.
  • Hobbies: I like to play guitar, I love classic music and Metal! I play soccer so often and I like electronic stuff...(which means to do stuff with circuits and so on) I like to study God's word.
  • What I'd say is that I'd like that the Christian Metal Scene can grow every day. I would like to see more persons coming to our Lord, and I wish this website can grow and you can be blessed through the material exposed here. I woul like to thanks to my great friend Metalerosal for giving me this opportunity to work along, and be part of this project and all the glory and honor will be directed to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!





    Satan is not your friend, the only thing He want to do is to seduce you and bring you to death so before worshipping him, Think about what you are doing!

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