Serpent Grinder Has Interviewed Jeff Lenormand from Tortured Conscience a brutal death metal band, Let's read this Interview.

Serpent Grinder: Please introduce all the members of the band and their parts.

Jeff Lenormand: I'm Jeff Lenormand and I play guitar (and bass since we don't have a bass player at the moment), and we have John Gotelli on drums and Berto Salas on vocals.

Serpent Grinder: What are the band influences?

Jeff Lenormand: I grew up on metal my whole life. It started off with Kiss (I'm almost 38 years old, so I was around when Kiss first started). My first album was Kiss' "Destroyer." From there I went on to AC/DC, then on to the greats like Ozzy Ozbourne, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc. Then off to thrash, then death metal. I dig black metal, too, but I prefer death metal. The other guys have basically the same influences. Berto's got the more wide variety of tastes than all of us.

Serpent Grinder: Where is the band from?

Jeff Lenormand: John and I are from the Bay Area, California, and Berto is from Eureka, California.

Serpent Grinder: What styles do you play?

Jeff Lenormand: We all play death metal and grindcore. John and I are in a secular grindcore/power-violence band called Vulgar Pigeons, and Berto is in a grindcore band called Ignit. We all stay pretty busy..

Serpent Grinder: Is the band Christian and what are the main topics of the lyrics?

Jeff Lenormand: Yes, blatently Christian. The main topics of the lyrics varies. For instance, we have a song called "Modern Day Pharisees" which deals with the "God Hates Fags" people. The message is that you can't win people over by calling them names. We also have a song called "The New Trend" which deals with the idea that all religions are equal and all lead to God. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one sees the Father but by Me." You either have to take Him at His word that He and only He is the way to salvation, or you have to call Him a liar. But you cannot lump Him in with any other religious figure. He's either THE way or not a way at all. There is no third option.

Serpent Grinder: How successful is your band?

Jeff Lenormand: It depends on how you define "successful." We make no money, we can't play shows because we don't have a bass player, but we did record a good album that is chalk-full of praises to God. So I believe that in God's eyes, we're successful. And that's all I care about.

Serpent Grinder: Are you persecuted in any way because of you are Christian?

Jeff Lenormand: Occasionally, but not often. I sometimes get a nasty email from time to time, but nothing too bad. I suppose if we played shows and were out there more often it would get worse. Then again, I'm usually bigger than most of the guys that want to diss us, so they probably wont do it to my face. Haha.

Serpent Grinder: What plans do you have in the future?

Jeff Lenormand: Just write more albums and keep praising God. Whatever God has in store for us, we don't know yet.

Serpent Grinder: Describe your latest album or demo.

Jeff Lenormand: Very fast and many, many notes. Haha.

Serpent Grinder: Where do you usually tour or perform?

Jeff Lenormand: We haven't yet. I'll let you know when we start. Haha.

Serpent Grinder: Any last comments?

Jeff Lenormand: This band was made strictly for God. We will not water down the message to try and "fit in." There are too many bands that are ambigious about their faith, and if that's what they want to do, fine. But for us, it's all about Christ.


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