ANTESTOR - Det Tapte Liv EP


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Band: Antestor
Album: "Det Tapte Liv EP"
Label: endtime Productions
Year: 2004
Country: Norway
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


After some years of rest for Antestor they have finally come back with this recording, 18 minutes of music that will get through your spinal cord. The five songs are really good and interesting, pretty pleasant to anybody's ears 2 out of the five songs presented here show how brutal and insane Antestor can get, while the other 3 songs are piano based song, they are interesting though.
the First song on this Ep is Rites of Death, yes it's the same that appears on The Forsaken album but in a different mix and without the female vocals at the beginning. Med Hevede Sverd is the other insane song, it's great to see these guys playing music like this for the Lord. from the other 3 songs Last Season it grew on me somehow it's an interesting song.

There's no need to analyze the lyrics to know they are christian, not gospel-like but very well done lyrics. The deluxe package of the box makes this CD looks pretty cool. Antestor keep strong with great production as always happen for sure. This CD is only 18 minutes long, Afortunately The Forsaken has been released by now, so you don't have to wait anymore for more Antestor. The time we waited for more Antestor was long, but I'm sure this EP compensates every hour, day and year you waited for it.


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Running Time: 18:47

Total Songs: 5


1. Rites of Death
2. Grief
3. Last Season
4. Med Hevede Sverd
5. Det Tapte Liv

Highlights: Rites of Death and Med Hevede Sverd.

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