Album "The Return of Black Death"
Label: Cocophonus Records
Year: 1998
Country: Norway
Official Site: www.antestor.com
Genre: unblack metal


Talking about Antestor is to talk about one of the most greatest metal bands in the Christian Scene. In this album they brings their sorrowful black metal. This is with no doubt one of the very best albums out there.

Some of the lyrics in this albums are in English while the rest are in Norwegian Language, As every album from Antestor this album demonstrate something new from the previous which means Antestor is getting better in each release.

This album contains gospel lyrics, Although is black metal and not only black metal, it is black metal with the heaviness of the word. Antestor shows it objectives in every album each time more clear. Antestor has filled this album with nice guitars solos, melodies that touch your heart and not only the melodies also the lyrics are beautiful.

This album has become a classic.It contains 10 songs all of them are pretty nice songs.
This album might be sold out already, maybe a couple of copies are still available as it is a masterpiece the price could be high.

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Running Time: 57:12

Total Songs: 11

Tracklisting 1.Vinterferden, 2.A sovereing Fortress, 3.Svartedauens Gjenkomst, 4.Sorg, 5.The Bridge Of Death, 6.Gamlelandt 7.Kilden-Lik En Endelos Elv, 8.Kongsblod, 9.Battlefield, 10.Ancient Prophecy, 11.Ildnatten,

Highlights: Track 2,4,5,8 and 9

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