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Band: Antestor
Album: "Martyrium"
Label: Endtime Productions
Year: 2000
Country: Norway
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Comparing Antestor to what now is, there's so much change, but Antestor has always caught my attention now and in the past. They have self- determined their style as "Sorrow" black metal, but to me, it seems to be black metal with very blackened guitar riffs, outstanding drums works, doomy death vocals, and pretty well done black metal vocals, some touches of Old School black metal are found too. Some keyboards also enhances the music here. One example of it, it's the opening song Spiritual Disease, the keys and all the instruments are used in a magnificent way. Depressed also uses keys, but in a slower way, this song is started with clean vocals then they turn into very darkened black metal shrieks. Thoughts has a very nice intro, this is the song I enjoy the most, and of course my favorite from this album.
The production is great, I listened to this CD in my way to work in max volume, and no noises or bad production were listened. The song Martyrium it is just an instrumental song, it's very fast and insane, a pretty great show of skills on what Antestor can do!! The song Mercy Lord is really awesome, it later appeared in the Come Armageddon Compilation.
The cover art is not so great as the music is, but in this album Antestor used to make use of the old Antestor logo. This CD is mostly out of stock everywhere, but if you DO have it, You have one masterpiece of christian black metal.


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Running Time: 47:04

Total Songs: 9


1. Spiritual Disease
2. Materialistic Lie
3. Depressed
4. Thoughts
5. Under The Sun
6. Inmost Fear
7. Searching
8. Martyrium
9. Mercy Lord

Highlights: Spiritual Disease, Thoughts, Martyrium and Mercy Lord.

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