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Band: Banshee
Album: "Graveyard"
Label: Desert Death Records
Year: ??
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Well, this demo I have now in my hands is the first material from banshee, which is a solo project, and an idea from Algar the only member of this band. The basic idea is ok for black metal, sometimes you'll feel that old school touch Algar gives to his music here. All the instruments are Ok, the guitars sounds a little fuzzy, but I'm not sure if it is due to the production which is bad but still listenable. One thing this band do very well is the drumming, the drums are real and not drumcomputers!.

As this is a demo it only contains 2 songs which one is a real song, and the other just instrumental. The first song of this demo appeared in the U.S. White Metal Assault compilation, It is called: Graveyard. Yes, I know some people liked it and some people didn't, it tends to happen. When the second song of this demo starts, I can fall asleep faster, it is a keyboard instrumental song, it becomes boring in some parts.
This is a very good start for a very underground metal band, the production is my only complaint, it is bad, but it gives that raw sound to the music,so that make me think it is on purpose.    If you are interested in getting this demo you can email Algar at:


Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 10:21

Total Songs: 2


1. Graveyard
2. Deathsblood

Highlights: Graveyard.

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