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Wrathful Plague is a Christian Black Metal band based, They are influenced by the groundbreaking musical techniques and styles innovated by Norwegian Black Metal bands such as Bathory, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor.. Serpent Grinder Interviewed them, Check it out!!

Serpent Grinder: Please introduce all the members of the band and their parts.

Wrathful Plague: Wrathful Plague is currently a solo project (which is a common practice among many black metal bands) headed up by Mark Saylor..

Serpent Grinder: What are the band influences?

Wrathful Plague: The musical styles and techniques (but not the lyrics) of classic Norwegian black metal bands such as Emperor, Darkthrone and Burzum.

Serpent Grinder: Where is the band from?

Wrathful Plague: Salem, Illinois.

Serpent Grinder: What styles do you play?

Wrathful Plague: Harsh, colder black metal styles, with alot of tremolo picking and of course ice cold acidic vocals/screams.

Serpent Grinder: Is the band Christian and what are the main topics of the lyrics?

Wrathful Plague: Yes Wrathful Plague is an openly Christian band and the lyrical content revolves around the harsh persecution many Christians have endured throughout history and even in present day areas where Christianity is outlawed. The Christian walk for many is not simply a “ happy and sunny journey”….instead it is riddled with hardships and persecutions…….Thus the term “black metal” in Wrathful Plague is meant to convey the darkness Christians endure and the “blackened” journey many Christians embark on en route to paradise.

Serpent Grinder: How successful is your band?

Wrathful Plague: WP is very underground at the moment……the Christian music scene in Southern, Illinois in basically 100% emo/punk/hardcore music….and not much attention is paid to any other genres especially metal.

Serpent Grinder: Are you persecuted in any way because of you are Christian?

Wrathful Plague: So far I’ve been receiving countless “hate emails” from Satanists and the like who are outraged by the idea of a “Christian Black Metal” band.

Serpent Grinder: What plans do you have in the future?

Wrathful Plague: To recruit a drummer and to finish recording our first demo.

Serpent Grinder: Describe your latest album or demo.

Wrathful Plague: So a couple of tracks have been recorded ( however all devoid of percussion at the moment, due to the lack of a drummer). Lyrically they mostly deal with the persecution Christians endure and the forthcoming wrath that shall be eternally poured down upon the pawns on Satan who instigate such persecution. And musically each track is heavily influenced by the order works of bands like Emperor and Darkthrone. In addition each WP track will be guitar based and devoid of the keyboards elements that are overused in black metal today.

Serpent Grinder: Where do you usually tour or perform?

Wrathful Plague: Wrathful Plague is a one man band, so performing live shows at the moment would be rather difficult…lol…



Official Site: www.myspace.com/wrathfulplague

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