Album: "JVD"
Label: Alcance Subterraneo Records
Year: 2005
Official Site: www.uzias.tripod.com
Genre: Death Metal


There..We have another great death metal band. Uzias is a band from Argentina; they just have released their CD with the label Alcance Subterraneo.

I’ve been in touch with Ernesto Jaimez the man who performs vocals and drums for the band, they sent me the album to be reviewed.

First Off, I will start saying that this CD from UZIAS is filled with brutality, and aggressiveness. One thing I like about it is: They don’t are not just based in one genre, they used from acoustic guitars to brutal death metal solos. I love the lyrics of the whole album, they always talk about God, his mercy, and all related stuffs, the down point of this album to people who speak English is that the whole album is in Spanish language but don't worry the booklet includes the lyrics in English and Spanish too.

The intro is a really nice song it is about a minute, it starts with acoustic guitars with the terrorific death metal vocals. While the seconds song is accompanied of Power metal guitars and drums in some parts fast drums and blasting guitars are found in this song . But the Vocals remain Death growls there are also black vocals.

The most outstanding song would be the song title song. “JVD” which means “Jesucristo Vencio Al Diablo” (Jesus took the victory over the devil.) the genre is Death/Grind. They gave a entertained intro to the song #4 but the intro is then broke by fast drumming and Death metal vocals.

My favorite song from this production is track #6, it is brutal, faster, and aggressive. It is pretty short though, but it is clear in its objective.

Alcance subterraneo has done a pretty nice job in the production of this album, by this I’m not saying is the best produced album I’ve ever heard, but it sounds good and clear and understandable. The cover art is pretty nice, It is the devil being crushed by the holy cross of Jesus, downwards we can see demons and evil beings too, since I got it from the band they signed it.

This album is recommended to people who tends to like Mortification since mortification has been its main influence, and music that contains a little bit of each genre in it.



Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time:

Total Songs: 8

Tracklisting 1. Anticristos (Anticrists}, 2.Nuestra Fortaleza (Our Strength), 3.JVD , 4. Ay De Aquellos (Woe Unto Them), 5.La Palabra (The Word), 6.Busca de Dios (Search God), 7.Cristo Es Poder (Christ is Power), 8. Ish Elohim

Highlights: JVD, La Palabra, Busca de Dios,


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