A few days ago I interviewed this brutal black metal band from Argentina, they have recorded a demo, and they are going to release new material in a time soon, but now let's read this interview.

Metalerosal: When did the band started?

Thusiasterion: It was started on March 2003

Metalerosal: Which is the current line-up of the band?

Thusiasterion: Currently I'm by myself: Victor Daniel Pergola and I play drums and backing vocals, The rest of the band left, due to some personal reasons, but it doesn't mean the band was disbanded, the band is still active, we have some gigs dates but we are mising is musicians.

Metalerosal: What the message you bring us through Thusiasterion?

Thusiasterion: The message we preach is about how bad you will be without God, and about the exit who is Jesus and a little bit of the apocaliptic times.. ( Blasphemy against Satan, that crappy trash).

Metalerosal: what are some of your influences?

Thusiasterion: Our christian influences are: Horde, Vomoth, Mortification. No christian: Marduk, Darkthrone, and our fans tell us that we sound similar to Gorgoroth.

Metalerosal: What are the future plans of the band?

Thusiasterion: Tour around the world carrying the divine message and to record many discs.

Metalerosal: What's your message for those who are outside without Christ and Without Salvation?

Thusiasterion: My message to them goes specially for those who are into secular black metal: Don't foolish yourself, Satan is the lord of the lies, He wants to destroy you. Try out Christ, He doesn't lie to you, He loves you and he don't want to destroy you. If You are buried in the Satanism and you don't know how to get out of it, Find help with a metaller who knows about Christ. By being harsh to yourself you are not avoiding fooling yourself.

Metalerosal: Any Label Interest?

Thusiasterion: Any label is important to the band, because what we want is get well known in the christian metal scene.

Metalerosal: Any Final Comments?

Thusiasterion: I want to tell you that the band is still active it's not over yet. I'm just looking for members who really feel the pain for others, those who want to make it just for God, and that can burn their hearts.
What we could record was just a little rehearsal demo, but it is not how the band sounds now, we actually sound more fast and aggressive.




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