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Soterion plays Atmospheric black metal combined with the primitive grim black metal, This band formed by 5 members is a pretty nice band. I interview Bruce who is the lead vocals and second guitar. Let's see the interview.


Metalerosal: What is your name and what you perform in the band?

Bruce: I am Bruce and currently I perform the voices and second guitars in Soterion.

Metalerosal: When did the band Soterion began?

Bruce: Soterion began as an idea of Bruce when he wanted to form a band of black metal with another ideology, in others words, the Christian ideology and wanted to show to the metal heads of this southern zone of Chile that really there is a salvation by a road that is not bored and it is not like the typical church shows it . At the beginning of the 2004 I received a call of Moises (ex-bassist) with whom we begin. ... playing covers of Drottnar, Mordecai and Immortal souls.

Metalerosal: Soterion has released material or Is it  going to release new material?

Bruce: Well, Soterion has a song available for download in the site  (which won't be the official site) and we expect that in winter to be able record the first demo CD. This demo includes a version new of the song immortals. The style now will be a lot more brutal but at the same time will include some keyboards. A song will be engraved with a session drummer very accepted in al secular and Christian scene.

Metalerosal: Which is the meaning of the band's name?

Bruce: Soterion means salvation. I Found the name seeking ideas in a Greek dictionary.

Metalerosal: Which is the current line-up  of the band?

Vocals and Guitars: Bruce
Guitar : Sergio
Bass  : Christian
keyboards : Nicolas
Drums : Carl

Metalerosal: What is the message that you bring us through Soterion?

 The idea is to show the message or the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and we adapt our lyrics to events that occur in our lives or things constantly relative, in this case black metal, the word of God should always be brought to light.

Metalerosal: Which are the influences of the band?

Lately we have adopted a sound seemed to Dimmu Borgir with something of Antestor but in reality we maintain always a somewhat primitive style very brutal. We add great melodic but brutal quantity of guitars like the style of bands as megiddon also we set us in Sorrowstorm.

Metalerosal: When you guys plan to release your new material?

We will record in the middle of this winter. we expect that the demo can be released in August or September. The demo will be a promotional and will be totally independent.

Metalerosal: I have heard that the scene of Christian metal is growing in Chile.. Can you tell us how is the Christian metal scene there?

Well yes, many bands have arisen and is good to tell it because I have seen true spirit in those bands. Also various Christian festivals have been performed and a good quantity of tocatas (small concerts).

How do you classify the bandís sound?

Soterion is playing atmospheric black metal with some sounds of the primitive one grim black metal. with the time itself it's been tuning up and in a future the band will adopted a sound alike to the style of bands as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir or Lord Belial.

Metalerosal: Which are the goals for the next year?

We expect to reach the hearts of various metal heads in the name of Jesus. Also we want that Soterion mature so much the lyrical thematic as musical maturity. With effort and dedication all goes tuning up. We want to have a good musical level to attract fans of the secular scene.

Want to add something to this interview?

Well  the Lord Jesus always be with  you and continue listening to good metal. greetings to the Cristian Xtreme Metal site. they are the best! !!!

                                                                              Download song: Cult Of Lies


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