Metalerosal: When was the band started?

Rising Hour: Rising Hour started in late 2004, but the first demo wasn't officially released until March 2005.

Metalerosal: What is the current line - up?

Rising Hour: So far it is my own solo project, and I go by the name Ephphatha. I take care of the guitarwork, the bass, and the vocals, as well as drum-programming. I have found a session drummer who has agreed to record for the debut I'm planning to release in the next few months, but there are no permanent members other than myself for the time being.

Metalerosal: Are you a christian band?

Rising Hour: Yes. I'm not too fond of labels, but I will not shy away from what I believe in either.

Metalerosal: What's the message you bring through your music?

Rising Hour: I tend to take more of a philosophical approach to the world and to faith. I write lyrics about the pain and sorrow and struggles in life that make us who we are, and the ultimate sacrifice of the One who gave His life to save us from final and eternal torment.

Metalerosal: What are your main influences?

Rising Hour: Well, I'm influenced by many different bands of different genres, both secular and Christian. In Rising Hour, I believe a good deal of inspiration comes from Crimson Moonlight, Bathory, Darkthrone, Immortal, Extol, Burzum, Graveland and Deathspell Omega. Then there are my fellow Christian bands in this genre like Dirge of Bays, Cabalistic, and Firethrone.

Metalerosal: Are you recording any new material?

Rising Hour: Yes, actually I've been working on a debut. It's going to be very different from most of the black metal in the Christian scene - darker and more dissonant. The music and lyrics are pretty much finished, but I'm waiting for the drummer to record and send back his tracks so I can finish things up. Dharok from Sympathy may handle mastering/mixing the final release.

Metalerosal: How do you classify your music?

Rising Hour: Like I said before, I really don't care much for labels. If people want to call it Christian black metal, unblack metal, or just plain black metal, I don't care. I just write music that I enjoy, which happens to be black metal. My lyrics tend to focus on my own personal beliefs, but what band doesn't do that? I generally just call it extreme metal.

Metalerosal: What are the future plans for the band?

Rising Hour: Other than completing the debut, I'd just like to one day have a full line-up, or at least a permanent drummer. The response to the Nocturnal Worship EP has been great, even despite the fact that it was recorded with a drummachine, but you just can't replace a real drummer.

Metalerosal: Do you have any label Interest?

Rising Hour: Right now I'm with Son of Man Records, a small label that's growing pretty well. I can't lie and say I wouldn't be interested in a bigger label, but I'm not going to get wishful until I have more of a complete line-up.

Metalerosal: Any Closing comments?

Rising Hour: Live for the truth! The truth will set you free.


Rising Hour

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