Band: Orthros
Album: "Clad In Blod"
Label: Independent
Year: 2003
Country: Finland
Official Site: www.Orthros.cjb.net
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


There's a good Death Meatal band here. Orthros plays melodic death metal I feel really bad when I knew this band were going to be disbanded not for the band but for the great music they made while they were active.

They have put their whole demo for download in their official site, It consists on 4 songs. Well after I downloaded this demo and listen to it so many times i liked it so much. These guys play great music, Orthros vocals are not so deep, they are just regular death metal vocals, the music is pretty outstanding! the band do a great job specially on guitars! the guitars is the instrument most played in the whole demo. Maybe Orthros is not about brutality as most of the death metal are about, but Orthros is about speed, technique and good music. The production is great.

Overall this is a great demo you can download at:



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Running Time: 13:23

Total Songs: 4

Tracklisting 1. Only Ashes Will Be Left, 2. Clad In Blood, 3. Chapters, 4. Moments Before The Dawn.

Highlights: Only Ashes Will Be Left and Chapters.

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