Band: Opus Majestic
Album: "The pain of God "
Label: Sword Of Fire Records
Year: 2004
Official Site: www.sdmetal.org/opusmajestic
Genre: Fantasy Black Metal


No doubt this a a great band. Their music makes you imagination fly, This band is formed by four elements hailing from San Diego, California, USA. Azure (drums), Ashenvale (Guitars), BlessedDark (keys, bass), Strom (vocals).

In this album they show us their great abilities as musicians, the production and sound quality are as good as the album. Musically I don't know what they sound like I haven't seen a band such as this in the scene, When I listened the first time this band I was surprised of their talent. The feeling makes you think that you are in a great journey.

The sounding of the keyboards is just pretty deep! creating a dark ambient. the guitars work are good, while the drums seems to slow down in some parts is due to the kind of music. This album contains only four tracks but it clocks around 50 minutes because of the long of each song. All the songs are beautiful that you wish they never end.. Great album!



Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 48:52

Total Songs: 4

Tracklisting 1. Riding To Ruin, 2. A New Sun Rises, 3. Of Fire And Holy Smoke, 4. The Pain Of God,

Highlights: All of them are good songs.


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