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Band: Old Path
Album: "The Coming of The Eternal Dawn"
Label: Independent
Year: 2002
Country: U.S.A
Official Site: www.oldpath.cjb.net
Genre: Ancient Black Metal


This is a rare happening even in the secular scene, I've never heard of ancient black metal before, until I found out that this band plays that genre. Old Path is a two members band from USA. It consists on Vinterstrings on guitars, bass and vocals, and a member from the band Natan called Ezra on drums. The Coming of the Eternal Dawn is the title of their first full-lenght which has 6 songs, clocking over 35 minutes.

The music this guys play have really cold riffs, even there are some really "creepy" sounds in this album. Some songs such as: "The Black Mist" "I'm Schwarzwald" and "The Cathedrals of the forest" has no vocals in it. but you can really feel the dark atmosphere in them. I really like the vocals , I also really hate the drumming, as I had not heard about ancient black metal, I don't know if all those bands that plays that, do drums the same way as this band. Also it is pretty noticiable that they uses drum computer, and it really doesn't fit the music. Also they use some weird clean vocals. If I have to pick one good song from this album, I'll pick "Ashes Ways To Olden Paths" I like this song, but I also dislike the weird clean vocals used here, but as I said the drumcomputer sounds awful. "The Fortres of summoning" is probably the longest song here, as it is the longest it shows a lot of stuffs like wolf howls, even female vocals at the very end of the song, but to be honest , the howls don't fit here.

This album is all sold-out and no more copies will be available, it's a rare stuff though. Some people who haven't listened to it might be interested on it, It's a shame it is sold out.



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Running Time: 35:00

Total Songs: 6


1. Rider On the White Horse
2. The Black Mist
3. I'm Schwarzwald
4. In The Cathedrals Of The Forest
5. Ashen Ways To Olden Paths
6. The Fortress Of Summoning

Highlights: Ashen Ways To Olden Paths.

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