This is Sabbatariam's Side project, black metal, Deathkirox interviewed them. let's check it out

Deathkirox: Why did you name the band by Mercy?

Mercy: Mercy is a great name for a band, and also we live by the mercy of God, that mercy that let us be saved, even being sinners.

Deathkirox: Is Mercy a solo project?

Mercy: No. It is formed by me, phillipe, and the other members of sabbatariams except fabio on drums and Priscila.
this is the actual line- up:
Phillippe: guitars
Daniel: vocals
Marc„o y Isaque: Drums and bass.

Deathkirox: When and How was Mercy started?

Mercy: The band was started around 2002, by me and support of other members of Sabbatariam (Daniel and Marcao). I like black metal so much, and it wasn't posible start another band due to the lack of time, I started this band with the help of the members of sabbatariam.

Deathkirox: What's the purpose of your music?

Mercy: The purpose of our music is to raise high the name of our God and to win souls for Him.

Deathkirox: I just had the privilege of listen one of your songs that comes in the Underground Rot Compilation 2, do you have more songs??

Mercy: I got like 30 songs, that I've been writing since 2002 until now, but they couldn't be recorded. we'll record a sample of a song ( in format mid, just to imagine how it would be). we had planned to release a full-lenght as we said in the our web but until today it has been not possible.

Deathkirox: When will the new material be released?

Mercy: We don't think of release it, we'll place them on our web site to download. unless a label interest in finance this project.

Deathkirox: What are the future plans of Mercy?

Mercy: Just to record music as much as possible. I always wished Mercy could come true, to perform live shows and so on, if God bless me this way I'll be eternally thankfully.

Deathkirox: What would you say to all those people who don't know the greatness of our Lord?

Mercy: If they have the opportunity to hear about our God, then come to see the transformation He have done on us. Recibing Eternal Life is something that I can't explain. He is truly the Mercy God.

Deathkirox: Any Label Interests?

Mercy: No, previously I thought on sending the music "Kindom Of Holyness, to labels such as Fear Dark, but actually I'm not looking for labels.

Deathkirox: Any Closing comments?

Mercy: I would like to thank this interview, and ask you to pray for us. God Bless you , and let the people to come near God through cristian metal. e mail me at:


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