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Band: Grim
Album: "Scepter Of Blood"
Label: Laceration Productions
Year: 1999
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


When I could get this album, and listen many times to it, I realize that this is more than music, I read the lyrics and I noticed that this band wants to transmit a powerful message through their music, a message that expresses compassion for the lost, and the great love of God. Awfully the production is pretty bad, and that makes me sad.

This is good music. This album holds great songs like: "What a terrible night to have a curse....", "Scepter Of Blood" , and "Chastisement of the putrid" also songs like: "Remorse" and "Scepter of Blood" shows a great use of keyboards. the song "Writhe" is also perform with acoustic guitars, this guy show his abilities, even the song "From Within" is performed with acoustic guitars, but when you listen to it, you really enjoy it. the songs: "Exaltation" and "Necrosis" are mostly sing with death vocals some black metal shrieks appear too. In the song "Scepter of Blood" there's a powerful message on the lyrics, this song is one of my favorites. The song: "Nocturnal" is just a keyboards outro.

The album will touch your heart, and will make you feel how a true christian should express in the music, this album is good, but very bad produced. you can still find your copy at EBAY.


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Running Time: 46:30

Total Songs: 9


1. Remorse
2. What A Terrible Night To Have A Curse...
3. Scepter Of Blood
4. Exaltation
5. Writhe
6. Chastisement of the Putrid
7. From Within
8. Necrosis
9. Nocturne

Highlights: Scepter of Blood and What a terrible night to have a curse....

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