Album "S/T"
Label: N/A
Year: 2005
Official Site: www.gravefosaken.com
Genre: Trash/Death metal


Hailing from Perth, Western Australia. These guys has released a EP on June of this year, they got as major influence Mortification. The Ep includes the following songs:

  • The Calling
  • The North Wind
  • Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part I
  • Death on the Cross

  • The demo can be downloaded from the official site of the band,they upload it so we can download it for free, give it a try. I had never heard about this band until I entered to participate a board, there I knew about Grave Forsaken, they can end up as Mortification,they have a very clear future in the Christian Metal scene, because they play a mix of trash/death metal,the influences in this band are just genious, We have to support this band.
    When I downloaded this demo from the official site: the song that really liked because of its lirics and the music was "Death on the Cross" a really sweet song!!These guys put really christ-centered lyrics in their songs. A very good production it was one of the first things I notice from this band, It is just great.

    As the major Influence of this band I might say is: "Mortification". Another influences are: Paramecium,Vengeance Rising and Tourniquet. Those are the influences of this band.

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    Running Time: 21:16

    Total Songs: 4

    Tracklisting: 1.The Calling, 2.The North Wind, 3.The Celebrity Judge and the Sinners - Part I, 4.Death on the Cross.

    Highlights: Track 4.Death On the Cross

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