Metalerosal: When did the band started?

Elgibbor: It has started somewhere in 1999. Since that time Elgibbor made few EP and now had end works upon second full lenght album Halal.

Metalerosal: What did you choose the name elgibbor and what does it means?

Elgibbor: Elgibbor is taken from hebrew word: El Gibbor wich mean: God Almighty

Metalerosal: Which is the current line-up of the band?

Elgibbor: Elgibbor is a solo project of musician known under nickname Fire. But sometimes he use some somples, like piano in Shadow of Death played by his wife. New album Halal in some tracks will have reall drum played by Unblasphemer (Abdijah). Also Fire has tried his skills on real drum in a track called: Za ciebie i za mnie (For You And Me). Last summer Fire has meet Ake Ohlson and effect of this friendship is remastered vesrion of Satan Is Defeated with new intros and outros. A.O has also made completly new version of Apolutrosis remastered, reedited and remixed. So new sound will be more loaded with experimental tunes but also will sound more deep and with climat..

Metalerosal: What are your main influences?

Elgibbor: Of course God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Most of tracks are deep rooted in Bible. All peoples involved in any part of Elgibbor have dedicated their life to Christ. Follow Christ is the main thing to all of them. If God would call them to do anything else they leave what they do and folow His comand. That is true Christianity to folow master Jesus Christ. Obedience is above sacrifice.

Metalerosal: How was apolutrosis accepted by the metal heads?

Elgibbor: Different opinion. Not every listiners where ready for that kind of change. Some metalheads didn't liked Awasome God. Maybe to much of them expected true unblack but Elgibbor is a project where is also place for some experiments.

Metalerosal: Are you currently working on new material?

Elgibbor: Recording and mixing of new album Halal has been finished. There may be some extra track did by A.O. He like to do extra mixes at the end of albums. But most of new stuff is back to old style so there will be less of experimets.

Metalerosal: Tell us a little bit about your side project with Abdijah.

Elgibbor: It's not our project. Abdijah is solo project of Unblasphemer and as we know it has been canceled. But A.O want him to do some new tracks. We will see how it will be. Actualy Fire play with Unblasphemer in the folowing projects: Fire Throne and No Return To My Vomit.

Metalerosal: What are your future plans for the band?

Elgibbor: Fire will move for a while to US. And only God knows how long he will stay there. He's been praying for visa to US and God gave him a visa for 10 years it's true miracle. He will travel a lot there. Visiting some friends, cause it's not his first time there. Hope there will be also good possibilities to buy new gear and so on... In fact every thing is in Gods hand. A.O has planned to travel to US but God had given him a vision to start Dryed Bone Rising record, so he will stay in Poland. Unblasphemer has his band with some Christian punks and skins. The name of it is Bezrytmix and they just ended recording second EP.

Metalerosal: How do you classify your music?

Elgibbor: Elgibbor is a metal project with high unblack influences. It's hard to say couse it depends from album. Till exemples Satan Is Defeated is mostly unblack, some peoples say that if concentrate only on sound not the message than it's similar to Darkthrone or Burzum. But if you take Apolutrosis than it does'nt sound so brutal. The music climat of new version of Apolutrosis is more dark but it isn't pure unblack. It really depends from album.

Metalerosal: Any Label interest?

Elgibbor: At this point DBR rec will relase folowing Elgibbor albums: Confesions EP, Satan Is Defeated EP, Apolutrosis (new ver.), Halal. All those albums will be professional cd-r with printed image on, cover etc. So it will have proffecional outlook. Sound also will be good if every one notice that whole mixing and many parts are recorded in Fire's home studio. We don't have now money to do full profesional release. Elgibbor don't search for any major label but if such label will be intrested to release their stuff than band is open to any negociation.

Metalerosal: Any Closing comments?

Elgibbor: Think about that: Where you gona be after death? God Bless!

Fire & A.O aka Taggen




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