Band: Azbuk
Album: "Divine Force"
Label: Independent
Year: 1998
Country: Brazil
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


When you love Old School Black Metal, You add every band you plays that genre to your list. Azbuk plays a kind of Old School Black metal. This demo "Divine Force" was independently released back then in 1998, it brings 8 songs of black metal. My complain about this this, is the production which is pretty raw, poor, yet still listenable.

One good thing this band does is that they use real drums! and they use them in a fast way. but most of the tracks are pretty short, the longest song reach over two minutes because they are short lengthed. Some Keyboards are added to some tracks, they sound cool. the guitars are very underground, I have no complain about the vocals they are Ok. It's cool to have some Old School Black Metal from Brazil, These guys are in the right way, what they should to is to push a little farther and grow musically and get better production.



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Running Time: 12:41

Total Songs: 8


1. Intro  
2. Divine Force
3. Abyss Eternal
4. Supplication
5. Demoniac Ilusion
6. The Wisdom
7. Majesty
8. The Loyal Witness

Highlights: Divine Force

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