Arch Of Thorns - The Coming Storm





Band: Arch Of Thorns
Album: "The Coming Storm "
Label: Sneeuwstorm Produkties
Year: 2004
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Wow! this band really amazes me, they are great. the band is formed by two members Teckmarion on vocals and Keyboards, and Issachar on Guitars and Drums, the only downpoint of this band are the drums which are drums computer, otherwise the guitars and black shrieks are sweet.

This is the first demo from the band released by the label Sneeuwstorm Produkties. these guys play a primitive black metal here, the demo contains 4 tracks.
The first track "Lost And Convicted" is a primitive and grim black metal song, that starts slow with a cool intro them it evolves into black metal, the shrieks can be listened, and the drum noises come along. All the tracks are in the same vein. The third song "Vale Of Jezreel" is my favorite song, It starts with female vocals, then kicks off with sick black metal shrieks accompanied by sharpen guitars, this song has no slow parts except by female vocals part It could be the most outstanding song from the whole demo. The song "The coming Storm" is probably the slowest song from the demo, even though this is a great demo.

The cover art symbolizes a storm. it have lightenings and the bandlogo at the top of the front cover. Primitive Black Metal in the Arch Of Thorns way.



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Running Time: 18:29

Total Songs: 4

Tracklisting 1. Lost and Convicted, 2. Whispers in the Dark, 3. Vale Of Jezreel , 4. The Coming Storm,

Highlights: Lost and Convicted, Vale of Jezreel and Whispers in the Dark.

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