Band: Admonish
Album: "Den Yttersta Tiden "
Label: Indie
Year: 2005
Country: Sweden
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


From great influences such as: Antestor, Vardoger, Believer and Narnia. Admonish has crafted a three songs Ep clocking over seventeen minutes! The EP is great, these guys seems to have good techniques and the mood required to make some great music!.

The Ep contains only 3 songs, it starts off with "Epiphany" it is the only song that is completely in English, this song is great, the vocals are rare stuff, they are pretty well done though, this is my favorite song from this whole Ep, it also combines some rhythm guitars with cool riffs, while the drumming is fast but also it tends to go slow. The Other two songs are in Swedish language. "Den Yttersta Tiden" it slower than the first song, even though is a good song! it starts with slow drumming and guitars, then they turn up and show us some piece of art. The third song "Var Inte Rädd" is mostly sing with clean vocals but they also mix song black metal shrieks throughout the song. The clean vocals sounds good though, this is the slowest song of the EP.

Well this band have a nice sound quality for being a self-release Ep. Overall the Ep is great but is not much from what you can expect. This EP is recommended for fans of Antestor and Vardoger. It's sweet.


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Running Time: 17:37

Total Songs: 3


1. Epiphany  
2. Den Yttersta Tiden
3. Var Inte Rädd.

Highlights: Epiphany.

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