Band: Abdijah
Album: "Satanic Rebellion Crushed"
Label: Independent
Year: 2003
Country: Poland
Official Site: www.abdijah.prv.pl
Genre: Old School Black Metal


This Is NOT simple and boring black metal, It's Old School Black metal in the vein of Emperor, Satyricon, and Mayhem.  Abdijah is a band from Poland, They have released a full-length album titled "Satanic Rebellion Crushed" containing six songs of great music.

"The Mighty One" is the opening song, it's pretty grim and raw, very furious guitars and fast drumming is shown here, the vocals are horrific, they sound pretty rotten. In this song you'll find no peace, the music will continue and it won't stop until your ears bleed.
The next song is "The Lord is Enthroned as King Forever" it follows the same rhytm of the first song, with pretty rotten vocals and unstopable guitars. "Great Is The True Living God The Eternal King" this is the third song, the title is too long but it offers good music, all the songs are in the same vein, mmmm Old School black metal is just what my ears wanted to listen.
The track number four and five are in Polish, the track four is titled "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh" I guess these three words means (Holy, Holy, Holy) but I'm not sure about it. This is the shortest song though. Next song is "Esz Ochela" I have no Idea what does it means, and the last song is "The Consuming Fire" it's also a great song.

Prepare yourself for the craziest seventeen minutes you'll ever have! This album is only for those who likes Old School Black Metal, Don't listen to it if you are not familiarized with grim and raw sounds. This album is just for listeners with rotten ears.



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Running Time: 16:37

Total Songs: 6


1. The Mighty One
2. The Lord Is Enthroned As King Forever
3. Great Is The True Living God The Eternal King
4. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh
5. Esz Ochela
6. The Consuming Fire

Highlights: The Mighty One and Great is the True Living God The Etenal King .


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