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When did Frosthardr started?

It all started back in 1997, with Jokull and Dr. E started to jam together. After several lineupchanges, Savn joined the band on drums in early 2001, and we recorded the Necrodisaster 2002 demo with Jokull handling both guitar, bass and vocals. A couple of months later Ozol joined on bass, and then we had the same lineup as today.

What is the current line-up, Which from the actual members were the ones who started the band?

Jokull and Dr. E are left from the start, as said above Savn and Ozol joined later on.

When are you planning to release the new material?

We have no plans for releasing new material in the near future! We are writing new material at the moment, but itís too early to say when it will be recorded, or if it will be released.

What label is going to release it?

As I said earlier, we have no idea about that at the moment.

Is the new material following the same footsteps of the masterpiece "Makteslos EP" or you going to change the direction of it?

Hey, first off all thanks so much for calling it a masterpiece. We are quite satisfied as well, but masterpiece is a really strong word. We donít want to release a MakteslÝs part 2, so some kind of difference Iím sure there will be, but hopefully the listeners will easily hear that itís still Frosthardr. Maybe more thrashy and doomy? I donít know, itís too early to tellÖ

What the message you bring us through your music?

We want to bring people some kind of hope, even though life can be dark and painful, there is still hope. Give people a look on the brighter side of death!

Which are your main influences?

Metal in general is influencing us, especially some of the old bands. Our musical tastes differs a lot, but one band we all agree on loving is Vengeance Rising, especially the two first records.

You guys have something to do with vaakevandring?

Our drummer Savn is the same as the drummer of Vaakevandring, thatís the only direct connection. But on the EP, Morten MagerÝy from Vaakevandring/Antestor plays the keyboard for us.

What are your future plans for the band?

Write many great and strong songs, record them, and do a lot of liveshows. Pretty much the same as every other band want to do!

Any label interest?

No special interest at the moment.

Any Closing comments?

Stay metal or get lost. And focus on the main goal in life, God, the Creator of all music and all life!
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