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Band: Seven Angels
Album: "Faceless Man"
Label: Bombworks Records
Year: 2006
Country: Brazil
Official Site:
Genre: Power Metal


Power metal with female vocals, my mind said beware female vocals while my brain enjoy it so much. The music on this recording is pretty good at all. Solid power metal with an excelent guitar sound and alot of speedy riffs that comes along with it. a few solos between songs too.

These guys are pretty good musicians, they really know what they are doing, they instantly make your head bang with their speedy riffs, the vocals can be improved though, they have like an accent, there are also some solid male vocals presented in some songs. It took me a while to get this album, but since I read some positive and a few negative reviews online, I decided to buy it and it really rocks even harder than their preview album "The Second Floor" the vocals seems to be improved since their preview album though. Also the band gained some more maturity on their sound.

Overall Faceless Man will keep you headbanging from the very beginning until the last minute of the CD.


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Running Time: 53:43

Total Songs: 9


1. A Handful Of Sand
2. Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon
3. Nothing Besides Dust
4. Walking Over All the Seas
5. Faceless Man
6. Unseen Truth
7. Daydream
8. Nobody Wants To Live Alone
9. From Now To Eternity

Highlights: Unseen Truth and Beyond the Dark Side of the Moon.

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