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Band: Sanctifica
Album: "Spirit Of Purity"
Label: Little Rose Productions
Year: 2000
Country: Sweden
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


This is the second relase from this swedish band, they had already released a demo called "In the bleak minder". Spirit Of Purity offers 8 songs of symphonic Black Metal, It remind me to Crimson Moonlight in the "Eternal Emperor EP" and Dimmu Borgir.

"Riket" (The Empire) is the first song, it's in swedish, it's nice, it have energy and it is pretty much sorrounded by symphonic melodies, the vocals also remind me to Crimson Moonlight (Early). This song is the fastest and the most outstanding. I love it!
You can feel a dark feeling in the next song called "The Dark Desires" the guitars remains pretty well done and the vocals are in a high-pitch tone, it also have some death metal vocals in some parts of the song. "Release From Pain" also follow the same way. "Spirit Of Purity" is an awesome song, it is pretty insane, and brutal! it still keep the symphonic stuff, yet it is more brutal than the rest.
"Allharskaren" (The Emperor) is the next song is pretty symphic but it has a brutal touch in it. "Landscape" start with a nice keyboards intro then it erupts into black metal. "The Dark Embrace Of Night" remains symphonic but with pretty fast and blasting drumming. The Last Song "The Wanderer" starts with a slow intro after one minute the guitars, vocals and drums are show up.

Production is average in this album. The cover bring peace to your soul. This album clocks over fourty minutes great huh? If you don't have it I recommend you to buy it is awesome!!



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Running Time: 40:25

Total Songs: 8


1. Riket
2. The Dark Desires
3. Released From Pain
4. Spirit Of Purity
5. Allhärskaren
6. Landscape
7. The Dark Embrace Of Night
8. The Wanderer

Highlights: Riket and Spirit Of Purity.

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