Nehyam is an Ambient Black Metal band from Bolivia, This interview was performed by Darklukcius, Let's check out!


Darklukcius: What is the current line-up of the band?

Nehyam: First I would like to thanks Darklukcius for this interview and all the metal heads who like black metal.       I'll give you some information about Nehyam:

Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Meaning of Name of the band : Blood of Jesus in Greek language
Formerly members: Jhenny vocals and keyboards , Gabriel on Guitars , Fernando on Bass and Alejandro on drums.
Actual Members: Jhenny Vocals and keyboards , Gabriel on Guitars , Juan carlos on bass and Milton on drums.
Dyscography: Demo Vcd  live ?Satan?s ser?s destruido ?

Darklukcius: Are all the members of the band christian?

Nehyam: In the recording of our first demo all the members are christian, but since the beginning Nehyam worked with non-christian people that later on will become christians.

Darklukcius: What is the main goal you have as a band?

Nehyam: It's to transmit  spiritual strength through the message already knowing who is the Creator, and also to show that we Christians can preach through metal.

Darklukcius: What are your lyrics about?

Nehyam: They mostly talk about the spiritual side, the parallel world that surround us, and of course the great power of God  over the darkness.

Darklukcius: How have been the response from the metalheads to Nehyam?

Nehyam:  When we started it was so difficult for people to understand why we as christian were using black metal  .besides we are an uncommon band among others cause a woman perform black metal vocals, also we are a pioneer band in Bolivia, it's because we receive support by the Bolivian metal scene .

Have you had the opportunity of sharing settings with other christian or secular bands?

 Definitely we've participated in various events performing with bands christian and secular well known in our country such as:  Luzbel, Chullpa , Armadura and others, and other international bands such as: Uniao, Arje and others .

Darklukcius: What are your future plans?

Firstable to record to record our full-length which will contain 8 songs filled with blood and good metal, then tour around with our music .

Darklukcius: How is the scene of metal in Bolivia?

The black metal scene is growing more in other states than ours, yet still the unblack metal is starting, but we expect our scene can grow and get as big as Brazil or Chile .

Darklukcius: How was the response of the people from church to your musical proposal?

We had certain struggles in a soft way, as we are an underground band, the posers don't know us, but in our church we never had problems, thanks to our pastor .

Darklukcius: Have you had any problems for being christian and play black metal?

Since our first show to now they hate us because of our lyrics, and also we received some threats, in our country they know us as Christian that's why they fear us, anyways they appreciate our music .

Darklukcius: Any Final Comments?

Thanks for supporting Nehyam and all the Bolivian metal scene, all the metal heads I want to tell you to do not contaminate the black metal culture and stop adoring Satan, He was  created by God, don't forget it, so Who's the one that deserves to be adored through the black metal? Ezekiel:  28: 12-15.

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