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Band: Margorium
Album: "Margorium"
Label: Independent
Year: 2004
Country: Brazil
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Margorium is a three pieces band from Brazil, they are: Saidown on vocals and guitars, Noctilucidus on drums and black vocals, and Lord Darkyon on bass, rare names huh? they sound black metal though, the line- up has changed now. In this album there are six songs, but in the tracklisting only appears five songs listed, the hidden track is a cover of the song "Thine Hour Hast Come" from Horde.

To be honest I did not like this album when I bought it, it was to me kinda boring, but after listen to it one hundred times I like it, and I realize this is a cool album. The vocals are black metal shrieks, they are good. What I noticed is that this album is pretty melodic. The third song may probably be the fastest one, it starts with some cool effect, Wind! then some acoustic guitars, it sounds very cool. The song "Lacrima Christ" is my favorite, it is also kinda fast I like how the guitars goes here. The Horde cover sounds pretty cool too, but it would never be better than the Horde's one. The lyrics are christ-centered with that dark touch.
The cover art it's cool, very black metal. The booklet they include has the lyrics of their five songs plus band pictures. This is decent material though. You can acquire it through:


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Running Time: 23:18

Total Songs: 6


1. Intro
2. Doom In A Silent War
3. Margorium
4. Morbid Sentiments
5. Lacrima Christ
6. Thine Hour Hast Come (Horde Cover) (Bonus Track)

Highlights: Doom in a silent War ,and Lacrima Christ.

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