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Band: Kekal
Album: "The Painful Experience"
Label: Fear Dark
Year: 2001
Country: Indonesia
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


The Indonesian black metal band Kekal is back! this time they bring us some cool progressive black metal with a broad kinds of vocals, the guitars works remains great, but, yes drumcomputer is used again, but it doesn't disappoint anyone if you are a follower of kekal you know what I'm talking about.
The Monster Within is the opening song, it's pretty fast and sick, something very enjoyable to anyone's ears, and also a good way to start this album, I wonder how Jeff is able to make use of many kinds of vocals, it's a great feature only found in this album. I used to listen this song many but many times, It became one of my favorites, also Given Words and Mean Atraction as you know Mean Atraction appeared later on the Chaos And Warfare split album with Slechtvalk.
Militia Christi uses more electronic elements , than other song here. The only ballad The Painful Experience is a nice song too, it makes use of clean vocals the most, but some shrieks are present too.Via Dolorosa is an instrumental song.
The Lyrics remains very straight with christian content. The production is just great, since Fear Dark is a very high quality label. Kekal has done it again! this is great elaborated stuff they included a booklet with lyrics, the lyrics are awesome though. AS this album is called The Painful Experience the cover art is all about it, a stone head craked and sadly in suffering. This is really great experimental black metal, don't wait, buy it NOW!.


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Running Time: 56.35

Total Songs: 11


1. The Monsters Within
2. Crave For Solid Ground
3. Mean Attraction
4. Like There's No Other Way to Go
5. Behind Closed Doors
6. After the Storm
7. Given Words
8. Militia Christi
9. The Painful Experience
10. Via Dolorosa
11. Like There's No Other Way to Go (Remix)

Highlights: The Monster Within, Mean Attraction, and Given Words.

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