Band: Kekal
Album: "Embrace The Dead "
Label: Fleshwalker Records
Year: 2000
Official Site:
Genre: Progressive Black Metal


Kekal the indonesian christian black metal band second album. Embrace the Dead is definitely a great album.
The first album of kekal show us black metal in the vein of Cradle of Filth, while this album show us a little bit of change in the music, vocals, and everything. Embrace the Dead contains 8 songs of progressive and melodic black metal. This album holds great songs such as: Embrace the Dead, The Final Call, Longing for the Truth And Millenium.

Kekal uses drumcomputer that many take it as a downpoint, otherwise the drums computer sounds really well in this band. I like them, Of Course they don't compare to real drums but they just sound good. In this album you'll find black metal vocals, clean vocals and even female vocals, Longing for the truth is a good example of the beautiful female vocals. The lyrics in this whole album talks about the Jesus' coming and stuff like that pretty christian though.

They Include a booklet with the lyrics, at the back of the booklet you can see the three bandmembers. The production of this album is just standard. You can order this album through any online web store.



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Running Time: 49:44

Total Songs: 8

Tracklisting 1. Longing For The Truth, 2. Embrace The Dead, 3. The Fearless And The Dedicated, 4. Healing, 5. The Final Call, 6. From Within, 7. Scripture Before Struggle, 8. Millenium,

Highlights: From Within, Longing For the Truth, Embrace the Dead and The Final Call.


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