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Band: Kekal
Album: "1000 Thoughts Of Violence"
Label: Fear Dark
Year: 2003
Country: Indonesia
Official Site:
Genre: Progressive Black Metal


Soundmass is a great source when buying metal CD's, forgotten material, and rarities that you are not able to find somewhere else. I bought my copy of 1000 Thoughts Of Violence there, and it surprised me when my merchandise took so little to arrive here, excellent service though. Kekal has made a really great job on this one too! more than I expected. The music can be still defined as progressive black metal with some great experimental and electronic elements. Once again Kekal make use of drumcomputer, but wait, it sound really cool and better, there's no hate or dislikes about it, this might be the album where drumcomputer fits perfectly.
There's no other better way to start this than a doubled song Subsession which later becomes into Once Again Failed. I really enjoy the songs: Vox Diaboli, In Continuum (what a great stuff!!}, and Artifacts Of Modern Insanity (Unique Lyrics!}. Violent Society is awesome! I never thought this song would exist in the Kekal's realms, it goes from progressive to electronic, it is even combined with hip hop. There are also some instrumental songs such as: Paradigma Baru and Subsession II. Have you ever see three songs in one?? well the last song Beyond Numerical Reasons is three songs in one!!
The production also goes from better to best, It's awesome. The Cover art of this album is not my favorite, it's so simple. The booklet they added all the lyrics in it, and also some photos of Azhar and Jeff. This is really Amazing stuff. An album only for open- minded metalheads.


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Running Time: 50.34

Total Songs: 9


1. Subsession/ Once Again it Failed
2. Vox Diaboli
3. In Continuum
4. Paradigma Baru
5. Artifacts of Modern Insanity
6. Violent Society
7. Subsession II
8. Default
9. Beyond Numerical Reasons

Highlights: Beyond Numerical Reasons, Vox Diaboli, and Violent Society.

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