Album: "The Blueprint Dives"
Label: Century Media
Year: 2005
Official Site: www.extolweb.com
Genre: Agressive Emocore


Here comes Extol again with a style totally changed, not the same Extol we saw in Burial and Undeceived, but a Extol who comes with something new and fresh.

This CD has been critized already because of the change Extol has, but from my viewpoint Extol is playing not the same genre it is true, but Extol keep giving that special touch that they only can give to their music. I'm not saying that this is thecnical or something like before. But it still have nice lyrics and the music is kept in the level that only a band who has been playing like Extol can have.
The Screams are not death growls or black shrieks like before, they are just normal screams, even the clean vocals and the screams sounds good. Peter has been a professional singer since Extol came to the settings at the first time.

The song "Lost In Dismay",is the slowest song, the more fast and agressive would be Soul Deprived, The last song ot this CD "The Death Sedative" is pretty nice, I really like it, it might be my favorite song from these release.

The Sound quality of this release is pretty well done, Since Century Media is the label who release this CD. the artwork is not something to admire of at the back of the CD there's a picture of the band. The package of this CD is well done.



Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 49:45

Total Songs: 11

Tracklisting 1.Gloriana, 2.Soul Deprived, 3.In Reversal , 4.Pearl, 5.From The Everyday Mountain Top, 6.Another Adam's Escape, 7.The Things I found, 8.Lost In Dismay, 9.Essence, 10.Void, 11.The Death Sedative.

Highlights: Gloriana, Pearl, Void, The Death Sedative.

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