Band: Excurses
Album: "Devil's Footprints EP "
Label: Indie
Year: 2003
Official Site: www.excurses.com
Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal


The first time I listened to Excurses I was hooked! it was a time that i was browsing through the web and I found their official site and I listened to the Devil's footprint Mp3 they had there. Then I bought the album which is an EP that contains 5 songs of pure Death/Black metal! The Ep worth all the money I spent on it.

Well, the first song is the song title "Devil's Footprints" and I would say it rocks!!!! it starts with a short intro of about 10 seconds then the blasting sounds of the drums can be listened accompanied by the furious guitars sounds, the guitar works are awesome, this song is mostly sing with black metal vocals while it shows some death metal growls also, this song is pretty outstanding, and also i had the privilege of take a look to the video clip of this song, it is pretty cool. The next song "Edom" is in the same level as track numer one but it uses more melodic guitars. every song is kind of different structurally speaking. In the next track "Aurora"the guitars are played in about 1:45 minutes then the agressive vocals kicks off, "Ignorance of the Lost" is more haunting and it uses more slower parts than no other. then "Purification" seems to be a little more trashy but it also uses those death metal riffs this band is known for.

Well this guys classify themselves as a Melodic Death Metal band, but most of the songs are sung in black metal vocals, that's why I classify them as a great Melodic Death/Black Metal band.

Overall this is a good album, the production is standard, this is an album that any death metal fan should not miss!!.



Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 22:51

Total Songs: 5

Tracklisting 1. Devil's Footprints, 2. Edom, 3. Aurora, 4. Ignorance Of the Lost, 5. Purification,

Highlights: Devil's Footprints, Aurora and Ignorance of the lost.


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