Band: Encryptor
Album "Cryptic Works"
Label: Bombworks Records
Year: 2005
Official Site: www.encryptoronline.com
Genre: Brutal Death/Grind Metal


Another album from Mr. Phil Diez III, I really like the ideas that Phil comes up with, A man who started playing drums in a Death metal band called: Ministros Del Santuario from Panama, Mr. Phil has demonstrate his improvements and maturity in the music since then, not only the music but also the lyrics, Great music Accompanied of great lyrics.

Encryptor Cryptic works is the two releases that encryptor has released so far, which were took and put together to make the cryptic Works.
Whatís Encryptor? Brutality, aggression, great music, killer death metal vocals, beautiful lyrics, Christ-Centered ministry, thatís what Encryptor is for me, always preaching the good seed and reaching the lost.

Anyways, Encryptor Cryptic Work has been released by the American label Bombworks, who has released albums from great bands, The album shows good production, and contains a bonus track from the band Nocturnal Faith.
Musically speaking Encryptor music has vocals alike to Crimson Thorn, and the brutality is always present in each song. Your head will be spinning throughout the whole album, black metal shrieks can be also heard here, which gives a really nice touch to the music. It sounds really scary just like if you are walking out in the middle of the night.
The song Cast into Darkness, is a cover from the band GoreDeath (R.I.P) but encryptor plays it in a more brutal way. A really nice effect was given to the song Sermon Decay which is the second album title song. It starts with a sound that really has nothing to do with metal then it is broken by the blasting drums and sharpens guitars.
A song that also seems to be weird is Prophecy of infinity, It sounds like the disc is bad or something, but it was made like that. Nothing wrong with it.

Actually you can hear a song of Encryptor at www.bombworksrecords.com.
Or just go to Encryptorís space at: www.myspace.com/Encryptor
you can also go to Encryptor Oficial site at: www.encryptoronline.com



Reviewed by Metalerosal

This is the new album from Encryptor. its a collective works album  containing the songs from both of his albums and it is very good for fans of brutal death/grind. my man Phil Diaz has released another good album Latinos like myself and Christian Metal heads can be proud of. Phil does all the instruments and sings and that takes a lot of talent.

 It starts off with his first album songs (Drowning in Flesh). the first song is pretty cool and starts off with creepy steps and then his growl comes into play. track 3 is also pretty cool but for some reason it skips, i guess its just the cd.  this first half of the cd is pretty cool and most of the songs are awesome and brutal. the only songs I really don't like is track 7 but other wise the cd is doing well. production is not 100% but its good. now at track 9 we cross into the second album (Sermon Decay). it starts off with a extremely heavy cover of Goredeath's song "cast into darkness" I wished this song was longer though. then we go into personally my favorite song called "Rebrutalization". track 13 has a very interesting Soulfly feel with its traditional Indian style instruments. I also love the rhythm in this song. track 14 is cool too because it starts off with a ghoulish laugh and gets into very brutalness. the rest of the songs are also very brutal and awesome. the songs in the second album are better sounding quality, heavier, and in over all better songs. there is a track 17 by a band called Nocturnal Faith included in this cd. its to help out the Panamanian Christian metal scene with in reality its only active band. this cd is awesome and I recommend it for people who like heaviness. the lyrics are very bold too. I love bold lyrics. these cds are going by fast so hurry and get one. only a few are being made.



Reviewed by Serpent Grinder





Running Time: 75:23

Total Songs: 17

Tracklisting: 1.Infernal Catastrophy, 2.Post Mortem Soul, 3.Prophecy Of Infinity, 4.The Price Of Submission, 5.Misfortuned at Birth, 6.Into the Life Of the Unblessed, 7.Portal of Demonic Torment, 8.Drowning in Ignorance, 9.Cast Into Darkness, 10.Rebrutalization, 11. Sermon Decay, 12.Horrific Engenderment, 13.Vomit Congregation, 14.Images Of Tragedy, 15.Everything Must Descompose, 16.Bloodflow Towards Salvation, 17.(bonus track) Nocturnal Faith

Highlights: Prophecy Of Infinity, Rebrutalization, Sermon Decay, Images Of Tragedy, and Vomit Congregation


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