DARK LAY STILL - Joy in the Throes of Agony





Band: Dark Lay Still
Album: "Joy in the Throes of Agony"
Label: Independent
Year: 2004
Country: U.S.A
Official Site: www.darklaystill.t83.net
Genre: Black Metal


Dark Lay Still!. They are a melodic California Christian Unblack band with great potential. I know the one of the guitarist through AIM and there a pretty cool band. i first heard of them a long time ago when they were band of the month for JesusMetal. now i have there demo AND Shirt (sweet) and im praying for the day they come to Miami, Florida. check this out while you still can!

The first song is called "Mist Driven By Storms". its a unique song and i have not heard anything like this. the singer does this death type growl through the whole song while the keyboarder plays some of the best and most beautiful keyboards i have ever heard. wow brutal vocals yet soft beautiful music. its really cool it might take some time to get use to it but its nice. The next song is called "Kings of Old" and its the oldest song here. i first heard it and downloaded it off Jesusmetal and its been a classic for me. production is not too great but black metal goes well with it. the least melodic and one of the more furious of the songs on this demo. pretty good with pure black vocal. The next song is by my opinion the best. its called "Immortal Beloved" and its soft at the beginning with his growls but then breaks though darkness with black metal fury. at about 2:50 in the song it goes into a sweet breakdown that can make you tare up your room in a one man pit. good keys and guitars. also i like the alteration of the growls with the screeches. the last song is called WBTBH which stands for "White Blades Through Black Hearts". pretty cool declaration of war against evil! starts off melodic and then goes into stuff similar to the previous song. i like the drumming a lot and i first thought it was a drum machine but its just he is FAST. this song is also pretty extreme compared to other parts of the cd. this is also a really awesome song that is a great conclusion for this sweet cd. this song ends with this dude saying "Many people loose there faith because heaven shows them too little, but how many people loose there faith because heaven shows them too much?" its pretty true too. then the song goes on with keys for a while and at the end it seems like the song will start again. i really loved this cd, I just wish more songs were here to listen to.
The only place I know to get it is at www.manifestdistro.com . hopefully there some left for you. I truly recommend it for fans of raw melodic black metal with faith in Christ. hopefully the lyrics will be included next time. the shirts are still there only for large though. I wish they had extra large but its ok. the painting on the front is Elijah at the valley of dry bones and on the back there is some awesome Scripture.



Reviewed by Serpent Grinder





Running Time: 22:38

Total Songs: 4

Tracklisting 1. Mist Driven By Storms, 2. Kings of Old, 3. Immortal Beloved, 4. White Blades Through Black Hearts.

Highlights: King Of Old and White Blades Through Black Hearts.

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