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Band: Banshee
Album: "When Death Comes For Us All ...."
Label: Desert Death Records
Year: ??
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


I've been digging a little more this second demo from Banshee and I see some improvements had been made, but it is based on the same idea of the first demo, with the exception that here not only appears two songs, but five, and yes Algar still keep giving that old school and raw feeling to his music. It also includes the song Into The Crypts of Rays which is a Celtic Frost cover. He also includes some elements not seen on the previous demo. which are: acoustic guitars, and some death growls are also added. The production remains the same, it is bad, but as I said earlier, I'm not sure if it is on purpose.
My favorite songs from here are: Knife and Into the Crypts of Rays, I feel like the vocals are a little forced in this song though.

In the future Algar is planning to release new material, which will be a lot better than this, but he is not calling his music black metal anymore, but gray metal, I don't know what he means by that. If you want to know more about this band you can visit their site here or just listen to some samples of the upcoming material here.


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Running Time: 23:32

Total Songs: 5


1. When Death Comes For Us All...
2. Knife
3. P.N.M.B.M
4. Into The Crypts of Rays
5. Nekroheart

Highlights: Knife and Into The Crypts of Rays.

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