Album: "Maktesløs"
Label: Momentum Scandavia
Year: 2004
Country: Norway
Official Site: www.frosthardr.com
Genre: black metal

Wow, When I listen to this masterpiece the first time I was stoned, Frosthardr is one of the best known bands in the Christian and Secular Scene; Actually they released a two song demo titled Necrodisaster EP. In that EP they show us Old School black songs, The EP was pretty well accepted.

Now they have come back with Maktesløs! In Maktesløs they show us how the band has improved in every way! The EP is pretty short it contains 3 songs an intro and an outro, But each song is like 6 to 9 minutes long. In this EP they show us a mix of New school black metal and also a little bit of Old school, mixed with beautiful melodies and a little bit of trash can be found too.

Great music, these guys seems to have a very good future in the scene, let’s go song by song:

Maktesløs- is the intro of this EP; It is a really nice intro, accompanied with guitars.

Koma- One of my favorite songs of this EP, actually it starts with furious guitars and drums, which slows a little bit so the vocals can show up, when this slows up it shows us very melodic guitars, and drumming also slow, One of the thing I like from this band is the guitars and drums are very outstanding.

Death – My Relief – First called “The last words of a dying man”, the band change the name because it was too long, Actually it starts with slow guitars, and drumming, and clear singing as if someone is saying his last words, Then follows a melody which is a beautiful melody created by guitars, Then it is interrupted by the black metal parts, the shrieks shows up, This song is almost nine minutes long, but it never get you bored, We can find beautiful melodic parts throughout this song,, also Death Metal vocals are showed up.

Ravneskrik- This is probably the longest song of the whole EP, It is a beautiful song! Filled of guitar solos and melodic parts also, but the Black metal parts are also show up, Jokull the one who performs vocals for the band has really sick black metal vocals, beautiful, the vocals are one of many things this band has to catch your attention.

Vandret: It is about one minute four seconds outro.

Those are the songs of this EP, There you have an EP to listen over and over and never get bored. Actually it is pretty short, I wondering when this band is going to release a full-length.
The cover art catch your attention also, it is a very nice drawing of a grave. If you don’t have it, It is highly recommended that you buy it, specially if you are into black metal, You can find it in The Nordic mission online store which is run by the drummer of Frosthardr or also you can find it in any of the Christian metal online Stores.

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Running Time: 26:16

Total Songs: 5

Tracklisting 1.Maktesløs, 2.Koma, 3.Death - My Relief, 4.Ravneskrik, Vandret

Highlights: Track 2,3,and 4

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