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Another great death metal band!! This band coming from Argentina called UZIAS has released an album with the mexican label: Alcanse subterraneo. I interview the band. Enjoy!!

Metalerosal: When was this band started?

Uzias: The band, started on January 2000, The intentions was to form the first band of Christian xtreme metal in Argentina, We started with Ernesto Jaimez (Vocals and Drums) and Carlos Laztra (Guitars).

Metalerosal: What is the current line -up?


  • Ernesto Jaimez- vocals

  • Carlos Laztra- guitarrs
    And we have a new bassist his name is Alejandro .

    Metalerosal: The label Alcanse Subterraneo is releasing your material, When does your material will be release?

    Uzias: Alcance Subterraneo, Already released our first CD, you can buy it from us or just email

    Metalerosal: Which are your main influences?

    Uzias: Our main influence is our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died in the cross, for us to be His sons, Also all the martyrs who died for preaching the Lord's word and the salvation that he offers, Musically, bands like Mortification, Tourniquet, Living Sacrifice, Antidemon, and all the bands of christian xtreme metal.

    Metalerosal: When you guys play, Do you make tribute to a band? Which band is it?

    Uzias: No dought the band who we tribute is Mortification, because of their lyrics so straight, and the testimony of Steve Rowe, and also their excelent musical proposal.

    Metalerosal: What are your future plans for the band?

    Uzias: Our current plans are: To write more new songs to record a new and better album, Get a higher level musically speaking, If God let us, the coming year to tour around Mexico and Argentina, Also to preach God's Word to to the last places of the world we can reach.

    Metalerosal: How do you classify your music?

    Uzias: We classify our music as Christian Xtreme Metal, because it contains a little bit of each genre in it, but the most parts are Death Metal and Grindcore, with a little bit of black metal sounds, and the new coming songs going to be much better.

    Metalerosal: What is the message you bring us with UZIAS?

    Uzias: A very Straight Message, we don't like to go around the thing, We want all the metallers to know that they can be part of God's people,and be their sons, which nothing can be compared with it, And let them know that all the devil offers is just momentaneous, because he is a liar, and Jesus Christ beat him, in the cross of the calvary.

    Metalerosal: Do you guys plan to make a tour in USA or north countries?

    Uzias: We would love to! but that depends on how the CD is received, and if there are people as to tour in USA, but for now we plan to go to Mexico, If God let us, we might continue the tour around the nearby countries, But we need your prayers, We'll do what God want us to.

    Metalerosal: What message would you give to the people who is outside without Christ?

    Uzias: Firstable to find the kingdom of the Lord and God will supply our needs, also he'll fill you with perfect peace, Visit a Church where you could be accepted as you are, get in contact with christian metallers, and ask God his protection to resist the evil, and remember to not find in men what in God can be found.

    Metalerosal: Want to add something to this interview?

    Uzias: At last I want to ask you for your prayers to our ministry, and for the growing of bands of 100% christian xtreme metal in Argentina, and for those who want to contact us do not dought it, God Bless You All.

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