Eulogium is a band that I just know Hailing From Texas this was one of the bands that participate in the USWMA (U.S White metal Assault) with it's Old School Black Metal for fans of Horde, Dark Endless and Abdijah; An interview to the man behind this brutality was made by me, So Enjoy this interview with Armando Lopez.

Metalerosal: What's your name and what you perform in the band?

Armando Lopez: My name is Armando Lopez, and I play everything in Eulogium. It's basically an old school black metal kinda thing going here.


Metalerosal: Why you call your project Eulogium (which is a nice name) and what's the meaning you give to it?

Armando Lopez: Eulogium is the Greek word for "Eulogy," which, according to the dictionary, means "high praise." I thought it was not only a cool word for it's sound, but for it's meaning, and therefore very appropriate for a Christian black metal project, or "Unblack metal."

Metalerosal: What's the message you bring us with Eulogium?

Armando Lopez: Eulogium's Message is a personal one of grief, and sadness, and how God is always there, no matter how dark it can get.

Metalerosal: When was this project started?

Armando Lopez: This project was started in October of 2005. I had begun to record on tapes, but that didn't work. I finally got a hold of some recording programs and started recording my demo.

Metalerosal: What are some of your influences?

Armando Lopez: Horde, Poems Of Shadows, GRIM, Dark Endless, Abdijah, Cabalistic, Immortal, Marduk, Mayhem, Bestemmia Aeternalis.

Metalerosal: I have heard some of your material so far, and I really like it, but I know it is only a demo, Are you planning to release a full-length?

Armando Lopez: Oh yes. The demo stuff really is childs play compared to the new material I'm writing for the full length. I'm shooting for around 9 to 10 songs, and I really hope to raise the bar from the demo. So far, the album is entitled "Where Solace Is Mine."

Eulogium Demo cover art

Eulogium's Demo cover art

Metalerosal: The drumming and the vocals are pretty nice well done. And your lyrics are pretty Christ-centered, What inspires you in the mood of making music?

Armando Lopez: Thanks for the compliments J. What inspires me is nature in it's purest form, winter, rainstorms, and the thought of the magnitude of the Love of Christ.

Metalerosal: What are your future plans for the band?

Armando Lopez: Well, I hope to play a few Eulogium songs with my other band "Pessimus Imperium." Eulogium will remain a solo project, and will continue to write black metal music until I'm the only one who cares about black metal. I wanna release a good chunk of albums, maybe get a record deal with a small Christian label. My dream is to be hailed as one of the greats, alongside Horde, Dark Endless and Sorrowstorm.

Metalerosal: You live in Texas right? Can you tell us how the scene of Christian metal bands there is?

Armando Lopez: Texas, as far as I know, is starved of Christian METAL bands. There are tons of Christian hardcore and rock bands, which is good, but we need more Christian metal. Probably the best Christian metal band to come out of Texas was Consecrator, an old school thrash band. They were great.

Metalerosal: Wanna tell something to people who is outside Without Christ?

Armando Lopez: If your life is good, Christ can make it better.
If your life is bad, Christ can still only make it better
If you knew a kind of berry was poisonous, would you eat it? No, you'd find a berry that's not poisonous. It's the same way with heaven and hell. If you knew a way to escape hell, you'd do it, wouldn't you? Christ is that way. Now you know.

Metalerosal: Any Final Comments?

Armando Lopez: You can check out some Eulogium material at: Interested in buying a demo, or just wanna talk? You can email me at Thanks a lot to Israel (Metalerosal) for the interview and support.
God bless you all!

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