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Band: Sorrowstorm
Album: "Funeral Oath EP"
Label: Dysmorphic Records
Year: 2003
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Wow this is a really amazing EP! with great tunes. This is the second release of Sorrowstorm "Funeral Oath Ep" shows the great effort this band has put on. This Ep is short but it offers some great music, raw black metal. It gives you a taste of their music.

"Cursed Fires of Gehenna" is the first song, it kick off with very fast drums followed up by the guitars. outstanding job from this guys! Phil do drums while he sings, the vocals are pretty blackish, some death vocals can be also listened to enhance a little more the music. The lyrics on this song are like declaration of war to all evil and to show that Satan is lost.
The Second song "Occult Moon" follows with the same brutality, a song with many riffs, the drums keep at the same velocity as the first track. Wow this song is amazing, the band has cut out the keyboards to give this raw and brutal sound, the keyboards were not so bad, they were used in the debut album of Sorrowstorm, even they were used the music never turned on something symphonic or atmospheric. In this song you'll find very straight and bold lyrics.
No doubt the song title is the best song on the E.P "Funeral Oath and Resurrection" starts off with some blackish shrieks, this song is rather faster than the others, the aggression can be seen in all the instruments even vocals, this song also shows some rhythm guitars in the middle of it .

Well this Ep offers more than 18 minutes in a 3 song E.P, Awesome! the production is better than the first album, the cover art is awesome! it is a kind of rotten corpse, it's pretty horrific but it enhances the music a lot. This is the greatest Sorrowstorm release ever! Something that you shouldn't miss. this album is all sold out. but hopefully you can listen to at:



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Running Time: 18:10

Total Songs: 3


1. Cursed Fires of Gehenna
2. Occult Moon
3. Funeral Oath and Resurrection

Highlights: All Of Them Are Killer Tracks.

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