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Band: Serenade In Darkness
Album: "s/t"
Label: Independent
Year: 2003
Country: Brazil
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Wow was my first impression to this album, Atmospheric black metal at its best, if you notice I've been reviewing three atmospheric black metal acts this month, and out of the three this is the one that caught my attention instantaneously. Many bands comes from Brazil that's true, but almost none has make it as far as this one has, because the music these guys play are in the vein of some norwegian bands and almost none of the brazilians bands produce music as this band does.

I was really impressed with this three song demo, it's short but it's a thing that you'd love to listen over and over and over and never get bored. The underground guitar riffs that adorned this production are great, the pummeling but sometimes slow drums are awesome, potent bass, beautiful female vocals, and well done shrieks makes the perfect combination of black metal for your ears to listen.
The lyrics are bold and keep a very deep christian background throughout the whole demo, the production is quite average, no extra noises, no bad production, just metal is what you listen here, It's a shame that this band broke up early in this year. I had my expectations on a full- length and wondered if in the future they will be sounding the same, but it won't happen. If you want some really good metal get This, I traded one of my CD for this one since it's hard to find it in stock somewhere. I really recommend this CD.


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Running Time: 17:03

Total Songs: 3


1. Lord Of All Creation
2. Ransom Of Light
3. The Fall of Lucifer

Highlights: All of Them.

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