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Band: Poems Of Shadows
Album: "Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting"
Label: Indie
Year: 2004
Country: Brazil
Official Site: www.poemsofshadows.cjb.net
Genre: Old School Black Metal


Brazil has a broad scene of Christian Metal bands. Poems of Shadows is a band from Brazil, they play Old school black metal, they have release one full-length which clearly can be seen that this band is pretty much influenced by Horde. This album holds 12 songs of raw and grim black metal.

The album starts with an Intro in which some whispers can be listened, then some keyboards are played. After one minute of whispering intro, the second song "Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting" brings some cool black metal here, the vocals are well done, as the guitars and the drums as well. This band appeared in the Underground Rot 2 compilation with the song "Covenant Chalice of Blood" it's a good song, I really like it. The band even play a Horde song "Behold the Rising of the Scarlet Moon" which is a lot different from the Horde's one. In the song "Sacrifice of Thriumph" some cool keyboards are added, at the beggining of the song. "The Weak Light of a Sad Day" is the fastest song.

This band is not to far of being a good band, it shows their desires to overcome. The production here is raw, not so bad at all. A copy of this release is waiting for you at:



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Running Time: 48:50

Total Songs: 12


1. Put on the whole Armor
2. Nocturnal blasphemous Chanting
3. Covenant Chalice of Blood
4. Sacrifice of Triumph
5. Behold, the Rising of the scarlet Moon
6. Steel of Thunder, in our Footsteps
7. Crushed into Dust... forever, eternal!!!
8. Blasphemy will never rise
9. Complete Destruction, absolute Annihilation
10. Darkness begin to sing Death
11. Shadows embrace the Sorrows of Pain
12. The weak Light of a sad Day

Highlights: The Weak Light of a Sad Day, and Covenant Chalice of Blood .

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