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Band: Phanerosis
Album: "Ocaso de Soledad"
Label: Eirene Records
Year: 2005
Country: Ecuador
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


After listened, reviewed, and interviewed Doulos a band that has give us some nice death/grind metal, I just wondered how the scene is in Ecuador, and I found some really good bands, contacted them and get their demos. Phanerosis plays atmospheric black metal in a very unique way.
This is the first apparition of this band in the scene, after playing in several concerts, fests, and shows, they decided to release this demo which is their debut. It's somber and dark, some celestial female vocals are shown and they really help a lot since this is atmospheric black metal, the vocals gives this atmospherical sound even more. The keyboard guy show an excelent performance. Eirene Records is an underground and decent label so expect that raw and underground sound, as if you are listening this band playing live. The main black metal vocals are similar to Admonish's ones but a little bit somber.

The five songs found in this demo are great and it's difficult to choose a favorite one, Phanerosis also plays a Vaakevandring cover of the song Faader Var some new features are found like: Female vovals. The song Evoco de Examine was rename to Danza en el Eden and it was my fist approaching to this band, since I listened to it at
One and only thing to complain about is the lack of lyrics this album has, since I always like to read lyrics along. All the songs are in Spanish language, just the cover song is in it's original language. it hard to understand the songs without lyrics. The productions works well with what these guys want to bring us through this demo. The packaging isn't smart, but the great and nicely done cover art compensates what the packaging can't do.
Fans of the darker and somber sounds of black metal should absolutely love this!


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Running Time: 29:25

Total Songs: 5


1. Agonia
2. Evoco de Examine
3. Ocaso de Soledad
4. Ritual de Muerte
5. Faader Var (Vaakevandring Cover)

Highlights: Evoco de Examine, Agonia and Ritual de Muerte.

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