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Band: Lo - Ruhamah
Album: "s/t"
Label: Bombworks Records
Year: 2005
Country: U.S.A
Official Site: www.lo-ruhamah.com
Genre: Black/Death Metal


WOW! was the first thought that came to my mind when listening the first song on this EP, I was paralyzed. Lo - Ruhamah is no doubt a very unique band, this is the band's introduction to the christian metal scene, and boy! they did an average work on this 4 songs EP. They were very original when blending black with death metal combining both together with folk and a little bit of Goth, such thing you only get to see it a few times in your life.

Burden of Reasons is the first song of this MCD it has a very metal introduction some keys and guitars appears, then the brutality rips off the intro into pieces and the insane sounds breaks through. It makes you grab yourself from your long hair and hit against the wall. Awesome!!
The Birthright of Cain continues the job of delivering you great metal. Some acoustic guitar intro appears and the vocals continue getting inside you, this song turn a little slow at the middle of it, then kicks back furiously. To give a brake from the brutality itself represents the band prepared an instrumental song called In Mourning's Arms it's played with acoustic guitars melodies and synths. He Awoke and Came To Me While I Was Sitting Shiva this is the long title of the fourth song, it's awesome and continues kicking butt in a very fast way, even faster than the preview songs.
The short length makes you hungry for more, unfortunately this last at the twenty one minutes, The production is average, but it can be better. You can find this CD at most of the online christian web stores. get your copy TODAY, don't wait until they are gone.


Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 21:47

Total Songs: 4


1. Burden of Reason
2. the Birthright of Cain
3. In Mourning's Arms
4. He Awoke and Came To Me While I Was Sitting Shiva

Highlights: All of Them are killer songs..

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