Interview to Lament Death Metal Band

First off define us the sound of your band. I believe that does some time that no longer you do exactly Death Metal, but combine it with sounds heavies. I consider that LAMENT never sounded to Death Metal, but well we fuse the guttural voices with the melodic thing and rhythmic.

LAMENT has always been a band in search of new roads in the music as well as of the maturity in the land of the composition.

Now we are a band that interprets Metal and we fuse it with the Thrash, the Speed, the Heavy, the Death, the Black and the Doom. Always we have loved the full melodic music of feeling and passion. And so, therefore we love the Metal and charms us to fuse and not to remain us in the same thing as well as to renew us, therefore the one that does not do it simply remains and dies.

Of the (if im not wrong) 11 musicians that passed through the band (Arturo, Abel, Israel, Ebenezer, July, Edmundo, Iram, Framework, David, Apollos and Benjamín) you are the permanent only member since arose the idea of the band, there by the 1992. In a way you should carry the weight of the band ¿is not thus?

Thus it is, and this has been a hard task to carry. GOD had mercy of my and him placed to let me in charge.

Through the years I have learned that a good leader should rise to the mount and to talk with GOD to see which will be the following step to continue, besides be not a dictator, but a man willing to work in team.

The vision that have in my heart is eternal, therefore GOD did not bring me here to return behind, but to finish and to increase my talents for its glory, not for the mine.

¿ Can you tell us some few words of each one of these musicians?

Nothing I have to say, therefore that is a chapter that already has passed and i do not like to speak of the past but to look at toward the front and with the look put in GOD.

The death of Arturo in the summer of the 93 must have been the strongest blow than has received LAMENT, ¿right?

That blow was very unexpected and almost throws us, but GOD already tenia a plan for my and LAMENT.

With the time I understood why GOD was carried to Arturo. Always when something goes badly we ask us the why, but GOD has their big reasons and these are of blessing although they seem not to be in the moment.

GOD says: all the things are for good for who to God they love. And what is of GOD remains for always, and we see, LAMENT has lasted, but I repeat, this only by divine grace, because nothing I have that glorify myself that be not in Him.

But i am sure that see him again. What is important is that he is with the LORD now, there where not the crying exists neither the sadness neither the pain. I do not know with certainty if I will see him again as was physically, but what imports is that he already this happy one, therefore died believing in the SAVIOR JESUS.

Four members of Lament. Explain us what intend to achieve with the band. Which is the reason of LAMENT? We see of 2 forms what we want to achieve with LAMENT.

The first one is to achieve that our music ally to many to be better each day, to fight for the existence, and that its lives approach to GOD, and be to them a source of motivation in its spiritual lives.

The second they are personal goals that as the humans all we have them, but if they are achieved or not, is not of great importance like the first form. This it has been achieved and will continue achieving with this new album. We do not grasp us to the material things, therefore we can't take advantage of it without the direction of GOD.

You signed a contract with Steve Rowe of 3 discs. Why did it finish being only one?

Rowe Productions did not believe in us.