Kekal - Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams


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Band: Kekal
Album: "Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams"
Label: Candlelight
Year: 1998
Country: Indonesia
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


I've been following Kekal since their very first demo was released, and I'd say I've been surprised by this great Indonesian Black Metal band. Beyond The Glimpse of Dreams is really a great album!!! Black Metal with pretty solid scandinavian roots, old school touches, great atmospheric female vocals, pretty rotten and sick black metal vocals, some death metal growls. Am I missing something??
If I have to pick a band Kekal is close to musically here, I'll pick Cradle Of Filth(old). Beyond Those Images and Reality are the tracks mostly compared to COF, specially for the vocals, both songs are brutal enough to crack your skull off, but wait there are other great songs here such as: Armageddon, Spirits and Deceived Minds.
Yes, You will notice that drumcomputer is used, but they are Ok, not like most of the band that uses drumcomputers improperly and mess up their own music, Kekal uses drumcomputer wisely, they are not as good as the real ones though.
The production isn't as good as the other Kekal releases but it still works out. The cover art is nice, I like that green color the cover has, It's kind of cool artwork and make you think of the album. If you have enjoyed Kekal's latest music, and you still haven't listen this one, I recommend you to buy it, now it is so hard to find it in stock wherever you look for it, It's a great album though, One of the greatest Kekal's releases so far.


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Running Time: 52:04

Total Songs: 10


1. Rotting Youth
2. Armageddon
3. Spirits
4. Deceived Minds
5. The Conversion
6. Behind Those Images
7. Reality
8. Escaping Eternal Suffering
9. A Day The Hatred Dies
10. My Eternal Lover

Highlights: Armageddon, Spirits, Reality, Beyond Those Images and Deceived Minds.

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