Black metal bands aren't uncommon. But Indonesian black metal bands are uncommon, and Christian black metal band are uncommon, and thus Indonesian Christian black metal bands are quite uncommon indeed. Kekal is just such a band, and then some, as black metal only begins to describe their style. True, their earlier efforts were relatively standard black metal albums, with some similarities to Cradle Of Filth (particularly in the vocal department), interesting at times though a bit samey. On 1000 Thoughts Of Violence, however, the band goes for broke, displaying a wide range of influences (both within the extreme metal world and well outside it) and a broad, diverse songwriting style that is difficult to describe but a pleasure to listen to. Far from a novelty act from a normally un-metallic country, Kekal has blossomed into an intriguing progressive black/extreme metal band, well worth a listen for those into inventive extreme metal.