Band: Illuminandi
Album: "The Beginning..."
Label: Bombworks Records
Year: 2004
Country: Poland
Official Site:
Genre: Extreme Gothic Metal


This here is my newest album review. its from an awesome Polish band called Illuminandi (enlightened in Polish). These guys are a Catholic gothic metal group (as you can tell by their cover) who really know how to praise God and to write awesome lyrics. they also successfully blend symphonic elements with metal/goth which many bands cannot do. I really recommend this cd for everyone its awesome

The first song is called "Who will set me free" and its a great way to kick off the album. this song is about how we try to do good but do bad instead and a cry for the messiah (based on the writings of St. Paul). its a somber and sad sounding song that really grips your soul, the first few times I listened to it I almost cried. The next song is like one of the best songs I have ever heard! its called "The Light" and it really wants to make you get up and preach and serve God. Its the only song in English on the album but even if you don't speak English you will be filled with the spirit. this song (along with the live version) will be apart of a future compilation of Catholic metal bands. Song number 3 takes a really heavy turn. this song has a death metal feel and has growls and grunts in it. not for wieners! still an awesome song. These next series of songs are live songs and i have to tell you this is awesome sound production even live. many famous bands suck live but these guys sound just as good in live as in the rest of the album. An awesome live version of the light comes as track 4. Track 5 is a song called "The Cup" and its also a really good song. one of the heavier songs, it will still retain its beautiful sound with the symphonic elements. Track 6 is a live version of "Who will set me Free?". Track 7 (Halleluja) and 8 (Get on Zaccheas!) are not in the original demos and are new songs. they are both interesting songs with great live production but are not the hits of the album. still worth listening to. Track 9 is a live version of brutal song 3 "So We". The 10th song on this so far awesome cd is called "The 40th Day" and its an okay song but not among the greats of this album. The last live song is called "And about the Others" and its a sad and somber song about the last hours of Christ. it also has a section of growls where Pontious Pilate speaks to the crowd wanting Christ crucified. Song 12 is the recorded version of "And about the Others" and its a really good song. Track 13 is also an interesting song with no violins in it. this song is completely metal and it speaks about courage in Christ. its really a catchy song. its called "Don't be Afraid". Song 14 is the recorded version of "The Cup" its good but the live version is better in my opinion. However it is a tad different then the other songs since its chorus has like echoes in it. sounds cool though. Finally the last song is called "Hallelujah" and its the recorded version of the live song. its ok and its a decent end to this cd.

Wow this cd is a must for all those who love real passionate Christian music. the songs are awesome and full of Christ spirit. I got this off Shaver Audio and Video. get yours while it still last.



Reviewed by Serpent Grinder





Running Time: 67:33

Total Songs: 15

Tracklisting 1. Who Will Set Me Free?, 2. The Light, 3. . . . So We . . . , 4. The Light (live), 5. The Cup (live), 6.Who Will Set Me Free? (live), 7. Hallelujah (Live), 8. Get On! (Zacchaeus) (live), 9. ...So We... (live), 10. The 40th Day (live), 11. ...And About the Other... (live), 12. ...And About the Other..., 13. Don't Be Afraid, 14. The Cup, 15.Hallelujah.

Highlights: Who will set me free?, The Light and Hallelujah.

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