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Band: Horde
Album: "Helling Usvart (re-issue)"
Label: Soundmass/Rowe Productions
Year: 2004
Country: Australia
Official Site: www.come.to/legacyofhorde
Genre: Old School Black Metal


HORDE the greatest name in the christian scene of metal. this is what I was talking about, great stuff such as this!!! Yes believe it or not there are black metal in the vein of Emperor, Mayhem, Inmortal and Gorgoroth in the christian scene. Maybe for you this can be the most kvlt, trOO and so on stuff ever..

Horde is one member band, the only member goes by the name Anonymous, but so many persons know who he is now. but it supposed not be revealed.
Musically Horde sounds very Old School, as this is the re- issue which was released by soundmass and Rowe Productions, it contains a bonus track called "Mine Heart Beseech Thee (O Master)" it had been released in a australian compilation of metal, but the band didn't released it by the name of Horde but Beheadoth. It was released by this label celebrating ten years of the existence of this material. I crave to have the first original release , the first release was by Nuclear Blast, but they are all sold out now. The production neither is good or bad, but if you are into black metal. you'll notice production is not a great thing in this genre. The Lyrics are great and fits really well according to the music, vocals are pretty well done, the drumming is the most outstanding drumming I've ever heard in my life! This album obviously is a masterpiece. Something that you should get before they last forever, eternal!!!!!.


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Running Time: 43:27

Total Songs: 13


1. A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds
2. Blasphemous Abomination of the Satanic Pentagram
3. Behold, The Rising of the Scarlet Moon
4. Thine Hour Hast Come
5. Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice
6. Drink From The Chalice Of Blood
7. Silence The Blasphemous Chanting
8. Invert The Inverted Cross
9. An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight
10. Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat
11. Weak, Feeble, Dying, Antichrist
12. The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust
13. Mine Heart Doth Beseech Thee (O Master)(Bonus Track)

Highlights: Blasphemous Abomination of the Satanic Pentagram , Release and Clothe the Virgin Sacrifice and An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly in the Falling Moonlight .

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