Band: Various Artists
Album: "Grinding Spiritual Death"
Label: Dysmorphic Records
Year: 2006
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Death Metal/ Grindcore


The most awaited 2005/2006 release is now out! in a set of two discs. It's "Grinding Spiritual Death" U.S Metal Compilation, but this time it was released by Dysmorphic record, not self- released as the previous Dough's compilation. In Total there are 15 bands/projects in this compilation. It features bands as: Crimson Thorn, Encryptor, Benevolence, Transfigural Form, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Grave Defier, Impending Doom, Zombie Devourment, and many others.

Disc 1
The Disc one contains 21 tracks! of pure Death Metal and Grindcore. The CD starts off with the brutal grindcore band Impending Doom what a great opening band! Brutality is the word that best fits its music. Then we have the band Grave Defier performing the song "Demon Hackticianer" this is the original song not the live song that was shown on the previous compilation U.S White Metal Assault. The next song is performed by the great band Encryptor with the song "He Was Beheaded" this song shows some improvements over the previous Encryptor releases, this song was also added as a bonus track on the new album of Ministros del Santurio. Encryptor also performs a modified version of the song "Misfortuned at Birth" with deeper vocals than the original and better production.
The good thing of acquire a compilation, is that it takes you to know bands that you don't even know about their existence. In this case the song number four is performed by a band called: Dissolve Being they bring us a death/trash song called: "Twisted Wretch". Servant is the next band that takes part in this compilation with the song "Rip Me Open" this is fast- paced death metal. The Shortest song of the compilation is brought to you by Chains Of Bondage it's a 30 seconds song. even though it shows some brutality, but it's pretty short. Hailing from Oklahoma the next band is Divine Heretic you have listened this band from others compilations. they performs the song "Eternal Suffering". After that we have a band called: God's Hand Killers well this is the only band that I think uses drum computer or maybe the band where the drum computers can be more noticed, but they mixes death metal and Grindcore really well.
Then we have the song by Zombie Devourment this band was formed by some members of the staff of Centurion Outpost Magazine this song shows some aggressiveness and it is pretty fast, I really appreciate the job of these guys. Another band that I had never heard of is present here, It's Tehillah they are from Kentucky and they play a mix of Death/Grind I like the vocals! this song is brutal! the problem here is the production, If they get better production they can grow fast in the scene. Divine Rites performs the song "Trial Of The Impure" and it shows a lack of good production, a few black metal shrieks can be listened in this song. The next band breaking the ice is Horsemen Of The Apocalipse! with the song "Vessel" this band is really great! It is one of the most outstanding bands from this compilation. they also performs the song " The Call for the Lamb Dismemberment". The next song is performed by Transfigural Form with the song "The Emptiness" from the album "Blood", as you know this band plays Death/ thrash metal and it is headed by Todd Brandt, this band also performs the song "Blood". After that we have a song by Benevolence they play progressive death metal, and they appear in this compilation with the song "The Suicide Pillars" and the last song is performed by the great and powerful band Crimson Thorn they participate with the song "Lack of Compassion". Some tracks I forgot to mention are "Invoke" by Servant and "Summon The Blood" by Divine Heretic.

Disc 2
Well in this second disc only participate two bands showing the brutality of each.
Let's start off with the first band who is Grave Defier they bring us 7 songs which were live recorded when they were at Wiskey A Go Go. Grave Defier keeps the same brutality on each of their songs. Even this songs were live recorded they sound pretty well. the song "A Tribute to Cookie Monster" is a two seconds song, well it is not a song it's like if someone yells at something. Yet the others track are pretty good.
The second band that performs in this second CD is Dissolve Being, this time they show us their demo titled: "Demo 2002" , which contains 4 songs the four songs are brutal, and shows some good death metal but the problem that affect some bands here is the production, it's not bad at all. Dissolve Being shows some deep death metal growls, underground guitars and the drums are not played fast since these guys plays Mid-Paced Death Metal.

The Front Cover art and back Cover art were made by two persons: Mike Yahne the Art Designer of Centurion Outpost Magazine and James Dow from Rotting Records. Each of them have a meaning to the art they have done. Let's see what the artists says about it:
"The "Man Burning Alive" cover is a representation of life without Christ burning alive Metaphorically" -James Dow
"The Blind Folded Cleric cover is a symbolic of how there is so much wisdom to be found on God's word, but most of the people blind themselves to it. -Mike Yahne
Well as I received this compilation from Dough Farrar, He Sent it in to be reviewed it was two CDr with nice art over the cds, but I don't know how the final product would be like. This compilation represents the hard work these guys have put in it. At the back of the CD there's a Message from Phil Diez. Overall this is a good compilation that any death metal lover must have.


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Running Time:
Disc 1 65:23
Disc 2 34:51

Total Songs: 32


CD 1
1. Impending Doom - Condemned  
2. Grave Defier - Demon Hackticianer
3. Encryptor - He was Beheaded
4. Dissolve Being - Twisted Wretch
5. Servant - Rip Me On
6. Chains of Bondage - Rapture
7. Divine Heretic - Eternal Suffering
8. God's Hand Killers - Slithering
9. Zombie Devourment - Zombie Devourment
10. Tehillah - Ascription
11. Divine Rites - Trial Of The Impure
12. Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Vessel
13. Transfigural Form - The Emptiness
14. Servant - Invoke
15. Encryptor - Misfortuned At Birth (Modified Version)
16. Divine Heretic - Summon The Blood
17. God's Hand Killers - Bootless Blood Sale
18. Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - The Call For The Lamb Dismemberment
19. Transfigural Form - Blood
20. Benevolence - The Suicide Pillars
21. Crimson Thorn - Lack Of Compassion

CD 2
GRAVE DEFIER (Live at Whiskey A Go Go)
1. Regurgitated Into Hell
2. Alma Demacrada
3. Arise From Your Grave
4. Butchering Satan
5. Impotent Baphomet
6. Tribute To Cookie Monster
7. Life Through Suffering
1. Flesh Denied
2. In Any Tortured Moment
3. And I Walk This Path
4. Chocking Conrollably


Highlights: Comdemnation, He was Beheaded, The Call For the Lamb Dismemberment, Misfortuned at birth, Lack Of Compassion, Regurgited Into Hell.


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